Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mid-Season Snow Report

It depends on how you measure, but we are close to the middle of our snow season.

By averages, this is quite a dry winter. But it's not a bust. We've also had a fair amount of rain at lower elevations. Not the ideal, but better than not getting precipitation.

Last year at this time, we'd already had 20-some feet at our house on our way to a season total of 40 feet. We were beyond buried.

Tahoe locals love that the mountains are currently white, the skiing is good, and yet we haven't lost our lives to shoveling, and we haven't been snowed in for days at a time cooking on the woodstove waiting for the power to come back on. A dryer year also means that both tourists and locals can get around more easily, struggle less driving over the passes, and find it easier to park.

Heavenly reports that they've had 7 feet of snow so far. Squaw reports 8 feet. In our yard, the snow is currently about 2 feet.

We've still got three months left of snowfall. Right now, the sun is shining, the high temp is going to be around 50. Perfect.

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