Sunday, February 4, 2018

Can You Speak Killer Whale?

Love the news about the Orca (killer whale) that is mimicking human speech. It's not very easy for the uninitiated to understand. And it certainly doesn't sound accurate the way parrots can talk.

But a whale??? Wow.

Just to help, they've made sound graphs of people saying "Hello" and "Goodbye" and counting to three. Then they make a sound graph of the whale doing the same thing. The whale's speech is sometimes much higher pitch and screechier. (I'm a writer so I can make up words like screechier.) And sometimes it's low and gravely. But the sound graph, adjusted for pitch, is very similar.

Watch this youtube video.

If you doubt just how amazing this is, consider how well people say hello and goodbye in whale language.

Once again, animals are smarter than we think.

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