Sunday, August 7, 2016

Not Enough Vs. Too Much

It doesn't matter if the subject is action, or science, or art, or description, or road map details, or emotion, or sentimentality, or tough-guy dialogue, what one person loves the next person won't.

"I love the way I could visualize your last novel. It was like a movie."
"Your last novel was way too much like a Hollywood action movie. If I wanted a movie, I'd go to the movies."

"I love knowing all the places you mention in your books, roads and neighborhoods."
"Your books are like Tahoe geography lessons. I couldn't care less about Tahoe streets."

"The cool thing about your books is that I learn a little something in each one."
"It's like you're forcing me back into school. I just want an entertaining story."

"I love the constant tension of the action sequences."
"You go way over the top with your action scenes."

"I love the art references."
"What's with this art stuff? If I wanted art stuff, I'd buy an art book."

"I love the way the dog steals every scene he's in."
"I hate dogs. It's such a silly crutch the way some writers put animals in their books."

All authors - and other artistic creators - experience this. What one person wants more of, the next person wants less of.

I never thought my books were for everybody. After all, I've never met anyone whose favorite books are all the same as my favorite books. We each have our own preferences in books (and art and movies and theater and music...)

But I'm very grateful for my readers even if they don't all like everything I do!


  1. Hey Todd

    Most of the time you get the balance just right. Which is why I love reading your novels. 😆

  2. I just ordered your 1st and 2nd book to get started! We are moving to South Lake Tahoe in January, and I'm going to read your books to start learning all about our new home! I look forward to spending many snowy days by the fire, reading. Your blog has also been really helpful!