Sunday, April 10, 2016

Late-Winter Magic

The most recent major snow got us away from the computer and painting easel, and we headed out for some springtime back-country skiing. (See last week's post.)

Combine Tahoe views with snow and you get OMG beautiful.

There are a thousand places in Tahoe where you can just head out the door of your vacation rental or SUV and head into the high country. Each hundred feet of elevation gained gets you deeper snow and grander views. (Always be aware of avalanche danger and stay off and away from steep slopes, especially those that face northeast.)

Nearly all of Tahoe is U.S. Forest Service land and open to the public. As long as you don't park where snow removal operations are in progress, your options are endless.

Strap on your boards or snowshoes and find a gradual path up through the forest.

As the sun lowers, and the clouds roll through the mountains, it's time to take a break, pull the cheese and beer out of your pack and take in the view. This view is looking at Heavenly Mountain. The highest hump, lit by the afternoon sun, is the top of Sky Chair at 10,000 feet.

And this view is of Mt. Tallac, 9735 feet, as the sun brushes the ridgeline leading to the summit. The bare slope in the foreground is where the Angora Fire swept through in 2007.

Several of the ski resorts, like Squaw, Alpine, and Kirkwood, will likely be open well into May and maybe even June. And there'll be high-altitude back-country skiing through most of the summer.

Come on up the mountains for spring! The tourist crowds are gone, and you'll have Tahoe mostly to yourself!


  1. Looks like real snow to me! Here in the Bay Area we can see the Sierras on a clear day. That's a view of over 200 miles.

  2. Hi Karl!
    We woke up to another three inches this morning. (April 28)
    Some time back, it was a very clear day as I came out of the Bay Area on 80. When I crested the coastal pass at Vallejo, I had a clear view of the Sierra, beautiful, brilliant white.
    Love it!