Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 23rd Snow!

Yes, we've had more snow at later times in the season. But it sure was pretty Saturday morning, waking up to see 8 inches of fresh powder!


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    1. Yes! 3 more inches two nights ago, and more in the forecast!

  2. I'll be taking a one way road trip to start life out in Truckee in about 7 days. I'm sitting here in shorts in New York and I wasn't expecting there to still be this much snow.
    (Not that I mind, I mean, I'm moving to the mountains.)

    1. Thanks for the comment. When you get to Truckee, there will be snow on the mountains of the Sierra Crest, but the area around town is clear of snow. Have a great trip! You'll love Truckee and the surrounding area.