Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gotta Love That Drought Rain And Snow

We're almost four years into the worst California drought in recorded history, right?


Every winter since it began, we've had less snowpack than the year before.


The Jet stream has been shooting whatever moisture and cold it could to the Midwest and East Coast.


Tahoe and the rest of the West keep setting new high temperature records.



After an almost-no-snow winter, May in Tahoe brought more snow than all the previous winter months combined. And the last ten days in July have been constant storms, rain and hail. At the end of June, we set another record high. Just this last Thursday, after a week of rain, our high temp was 63. Friday, it was 62. The storms keep rolling in, Monsoonal moisture pushing up from the Southwest deserts, they say.

We don't care how the moisture gets here. We're just glad for it. Maybe it's the beginning of something beautiful.

Remember, before the drought began, the winter of 2010-11 set snowfall records. 700 inches on the passes. Ten feet of standing snow in our yard. It could happen again.

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