Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Upside Of A Drought!

Is there an upside to a drought?

Heck, yes! The winter hiking is fabulous. We get to look up at snow on the mountains, but we can go on lake-level hikes without any snow gear. The sun shines, the temperature is perfect, and everywhere you look is a postcard.

Do I feel guilty enjoying such weather when we really need the moisture? Yes. (But not too much!)

The trail down to Skunk Harbor makes a perfect winter hike to a beautiful picnic spot.
And the view ain't too shabby. That's Alpine Meadows on the left and Squaw Valley on the right.

The rocks at Skunk Harbor Bay are gorgeous. And the water is clear as air.
At my feet is the most wonderful beach, a luscious curve of soft sand.
If the water were warmer than forty degrees, it would be great swimming!

A few days later, just as we were getting used to this balmy winter,
 we got 18 inches of fluffy white stuff at our house.
So we strapped on our snow shoes and headed out into the forest.

Click here a full blog post on hiking Skunk Harbor. Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes in Tahoe


  1. How low is the lake level? I have been looking at webcams and I cant really tell. Since we stay in the Keys the level really effects us, it was very low last year. I hope the fallen snow will raise the level!

    1. Hi Baker Family!
      The lake elevation is currently at 6220, three feet below the rim, i.e. quite low. If we don't get much more precipitation, it may not rise much come spring. The Keys will be substantially affected, so don't plan on using any watercraft with significant draft. Deep keel sailboats probably are out. And the only motor craft that you can count on using will likely be Jet Skis. However, you will still be able to have fun on paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes!

  2. Don't know if my first comment made it, but you are a true gift to my favorite genre, Mysteries. I hope you keep your books coming for a long time. They are superb!!

    1. HI Terry,
      Sorry for the delayed response! I'm constantly behind.
      Thanks so much for your comment. I'm honored that you like my books!

  3. P.S Todd thanks for the wonderful pictures of one of the loveliest places on earth!!