Sunday, March 22, 2015

Authors on the Move 2015

One of the great things about being an author is being invited to participate in events that help libraries, which, as you can imagine, are sacred to those of us writing books. 

Last week, I was one of 40-plus authors who joined Authors on the Move 2015, the premier fundraising event for the Sacramento Public Library Foundation. This was my fourth time at Authors on the Move, a dinner and auction where something like 350 people pay $225 each to hang with - you guessed it! - authors. Who woulda thunk people would pay that kind of money to get together with people whose job - if you can call it that - is to arrange words on paper?!

It's a fun, well-run affair that I recommend for anyone who wants to support libraries and meet a wide range of authors while they're at it.

For me, an extra bonus was the auction. One of the items auctioned off was a "Tahoe Mystery" week. The prize was a week's stay for five people at a South Lake Tahoe cabin donated by Doris Thorsen. The week includes a visit by me, during which I'll chat about Owen McKenna, Spot, and the rest of the gang, answer questions about Tahoe mysteries and whatever else people want to know about Tahoe. (How did Spot get his diamond ear stud? What is the truth about what is down at the bottom of Lake Tahoe? Does the Sierra Nevada Brewing company really pay me to have Owen McKenna drink Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?)

I'm very proud to report that a small bidding war took place, driving the bids for the week from $500 up to $1700. Then, it was revealed that two weeks were available, and both of the primary bidders got their own weeks. So the Tahoe Mystery produced about $3400 dollars for the Sacramento Library Foundation!

I salute those who support libraries! And I look forward to the coming Tahoe Mystery weeks!

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