Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tahoe Ghost Boat Kindle Will Be Free On Christmas

Hi Everybody,

Beginning Christmas Day, Tahoe Ghost Boat will be free on Kindle, and it will remain free for 5 days.

As of this writing, Tahoe Ghost Boat has 175 reviews, 155 of which are 5 stars, which gives an overall average of 4.8 stars. Thanks to all of you who have posted reviews!

For those of you who are wondering why anyone gives a book away for free, the answer is that it means that many people who don't know my books will try this one. Last year, my free book at Christmas was downloaded 95,659 times. A bunch of those downloads probably got lost in people's large Kindle libraries never to be seen again. But a lot of people read my book and loved it. And, yes, you guessed it, they bought my other titles.

The other reason a book giveaway is good for me is that last year my book went to #1 in the Kindle Free store across all categories and stayed there for 36 hours. That gave me a lot of exposure and made people curious. If they had never heard of me, they probably thought, who the heck is this guy at number one when I haven't even heard of him?!

So if you or someone you know is interested in a good, free Kindle book, please go to the Amazon page on Christmas. Here's the link: Tahoe Ghost Boat Free On Amazon 

Thanks very much for your interest and support!


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