Sunday, December 14, 2014

Surfing Lake Tahoe!

I was at a book club a few months ago when someone asked me if it is really true that we can get five-foot swell on Lake Tahoe as is depicted in the Prologue of Tahoe Ghost Boat. I explained that we can and that it isn't that rare.

Last week's storm brought big winds (147 mph on Mount Lincoln at Sugar Bowl) and waves that were even higher than five feet. Some were reported to be seven feet.

Which, of course, brought out surfers!

You think surfing the Pacific is cold, wait until you surf Tahoe in the winter!

Here are photos from the Sacramento Bee.

Looks like waves on the North Shore of Kauai

This is a baby wave

The next wave coming looks perfect

Real wind

Waves like the ones depicted on the cover of Tahoe Ghost Boat


  1. We watched from down here where the rain was unforgiving

    1. We got major wind and some moisture, but you got more rain! Let's hope this weather pattern keeps up!