Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Early Kayak Ride - Is This The Best Workday Morning In Tahoe?

During the busiest season of the year - continuous book launch events, book and art exhibits at art and wine festivals, and my wife's artist-in-residence at Valhalla - we often end up working from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. The idea of an entire day off isn't workable. 

But what about an hour or two break to go kayaking in the morning?

Last week, we were at the gate to Baldwin Beach at 8 a.m. when they opened. The morning was cool, and the clouds were spectacular.

We hauled our tandem kayak down to the beach and took off up the West Shore. There wasn't enough time to go to Emerald Bay, the standard destination for Baldwin Beach kayak paddlers. But the experience was wonderful just the same!

All aboard our grand ship.
Nice views from out on the water.
The water is so clear, you can't tell if it is 10 feet deep or 40 feet deep.
Lots of birds along the West Shore. These might have been Mergansers,
but before we could get close enough to tell, they performed their vanishing act
and disappeared into the depths.
Kayaking is a great way to sight-see the lakeside houses.
Here's a sailboat just like the one where Owen and Gertie take refuge in Tahoe Ghost Boat.
There are many good places to stop for a  picnic lunch, but we have to get back to work.
Mt. Tallac pops into view through the forest.
Now it's time to head back to work through the scintillating waters. Quite the beautiful morning break!
There are uncountable ways to have a great Tahoe morning, and kayaking is certainly a contender!

P.S. If you want to rent a kayak at Baldwin Beach, check out Kayak Tahoe. They have kayaks and standup paddleboards on the beach during much of the summer.

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