Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tahoe Ski Area Update

Okay, so our current snowfall accumulations have been a bit bleak. Truth be told, totally bleak.
But our areas have awesome snowmaking. Give us a nine or ten-thousand-foot mountain and we will spray massive amounts of cold water droplets into the air and cover acres in beautiful groomed snow, night after night.
Below are the areas that are currently open. Please note that as of this writing, each area only has a few runs up to speed. But you can still put on your boards and carve some turns with the world's greatest view spread out below you.
Many other aspects of a great ski vacation are just as good as always, in fact - with few other tourists getting in your way - maybe even better. Great restaurants, hotel and vacation home rentals, and easy travel and parking. After a day of dancing on the slopes, sit in front of the cozy snap and crackle in the fireplace and sip a glass of wine. You'll think it is about as good as it gets.
Come on up the mountain and play!
P.S. Forecasters are talking about the potential for serious weather coming soon.

This pic was taken at Heavenly over a week ago. The conditions look pretty sweet to me!

Areas currently open:

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