Sunday, December 8, 2013

How Much Snow Did Tahoe Get?

Out on the deck Saturday morning.
It was still snowing, and it continued to snow lightly all day.

Using the official Stick-A-Measuring-Tape-In-The-Snow technique, I measured 20 inches on our deck where we live at an elevation of 6450 feet. Although our house is in a particularly snowy part of Tahoe, the mountains, especially those along the Sierra Crest above the West Shore, usually get more.

Nice wind sculpting to the side of the car.

Although Saturday's storm wasn't especially notable for anything but unusually cold weather, it finally gave us a good launch into our winter season. Of the open areas, here are the snowfall totals at the various mountain summits from north to south taken off the ski area's websites:

Sugar Bowl - up to 22 inches
Boreal - up to 27 inches 
Squaw Valley - up to 15 inches
Northstar - up to 18 inches
Mt. Rose - up to 16 inches 
Heavenly - up to 30 inches 
Sierra At Tahoe - up to 32 inches
Kirkwood up to 28 inches. 

(Donner Ski Ranch, Alpine Meadows, Diamond Peak, and Homewood will all be opening soon.)

What's interesting about the totals is that Heavenly usually doesn't get as much snow as the West Shore mountains. Yet this time, they got as much or more. Probably it has to do with a more dramatic elevation/snow intensity relationship than normal, as Heavenly's summit is higher than the other areas.
Come ski!

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