Sunday, September 8, 2013

Do You Have To Read Series Books In Order?

People often ask me if they should read my books in order.
When that happens, I'm often reminded of a book event I did a year or so ago. A woman walked up to my table and began looking at my books. A second women, and then a third, approached, one on the left, one on the right. 
The woman who came first asked if she should read the books in order.
Before I could answer, the woman to the left said, “I've read them all and you don't have to read them in any particular order.”
Immediately, the woman to the right said, “Oh, no, I've read them all as well, and you simply must read them in order.”
So what's my answer?
I tell people, “I write the books so that you can pick any of them up, without having read the others, and you won't feel that you're missing any critical information. The stories all stand on their own. However, if you are the kind of person who always prefers to read series in order, then that is a good idea with my series as there is a small amount of continuity from one to the next.”
Sometimes I add, "Like most writers, I feel that I've become a better story teller with time, so I believe my last book is my best. I think that would be a good one to start with." 

What is the order?

If you are looking at this blog in the normal blog window, the books are listed in reverse order to the left. If you are looking at this blog with a "blog reader," here is the order in which they were written:

1) Tahoe Deathfall

2) Tahoe Blowup
3) Tahoe Ice Grave
4) Tahoe Killshot
5) Tahoe Silence
6) Tahoe Avalanche
7) Tahoe Night
8) Tahoe Heat
9) Tahoe Hijack
10) Tahoe Trap
11) Tahoe Chase

Enjoy in whatever order you typically prefer!

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