Sunday, January 6, 2019

Tahoe's Mountains From The West Slope - Nice!

A few days ago, we were hiking on the West Slope, below the snow line. We came to a place with a nice view across a reservoir to the Sierra Crest, the mountains directly to the west of Lake Tahoe. These include (on the right side of the picture) the Crystal Range, those "Desolation Wilderness" mountains that house Lake Aloha and a hundred other lakes. You can see these mountains from the East Shore and, if you're out on the water, from all over the lake.

While on a very clear day, you can see the the Sierra Crest from the coastal pass just east of Vallejo in the Bay Area, seeing these mountains from the west is not so easy and common as seeing them from Lake Tahoe. But they are still beautiful! After today's storm, they will be even whiter.

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