Sunday, March 4, 2018

4 Feet In One Storm - 7 Feet In Seven Days

Just one week ago, I was loving the drought. Sunshine, easy walking, warm temps. Perfect.

But I knew we needed snow.

We got it. 4 feet at our house in the last two days. Another foot a couple of days before that. The Sierra crest got more than that.

There's a tree in there someplace

Here are the one-week totals for the ski areas:

Squaw: 93 inches

Kirkwood: 91 inches

Sierra at Tahoe: 79 inches

Heavenly: 68 inches

The mountain snowpack can always use more, but it's A LOT better.

With the aid of one of my wife's paintings, here's a toast to the beauty of snow...


  1. Snow snow snow and fill that lake!! Drought years make the lake so low, we need a high lake!

    1. Absolutely. The latest forecast shows a chance of snow beginning Wednesday night and continuing through the weekend!