Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Freebie Coming Soon!

My blog readers get an early "heads-up" on certain goodies.

On Christmas, eight days from when this posts, my most recent book, Tahoe Payback, will be FREE on Kindle. It will remain free for four more days after Christmas. You can download it from the following link:


As of this writing, Tahoe Payback has 199 reviews at an average of 4.8 stars.

If you'd like more reason to go to the trouble to download a free book, Kirkus Reviews just gave the book a glowing review. They called it "an engrossing whodunit that should keep readers guessing through the final twist."

One more thing... Readers are often curious how free books help an author. There are several reasons. The main one is that some readers will try a free book that they might not otherwise notice. If they like the book, they may buy more by the same author. Another reason is that the more readers try a free book, the more Amazon will recommend it to others. So there is a kind of positive feedback loop that benefits authors. 

Some readers have also noticed that my first book, Tahoe Deathfall, is permanently free on all ebook platforms. The reason is the same.

So please download both if you haven't already. And if you have friends who read mysteries, please let them know about my free books as well.

Thanks very much for your continued interest and support!

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