Sunday, November 26, 2017

Whole Foods Is Coming To Tahoe

Whole Foods has gotten a lot of press since the Bezos/Amazon steamroller bought it for 14 or so Billion dollars.

But there's another bit of news about Whole Foods. It is coming to South Lake Tahoe. It will be on the main drag, between Herbert and Ski Run. (Ski Run is where the largest of The Red Hut breakfast cafes is, known, by a few select, discerning readers, as a place that sells my books. Now, Whole Foods has a chance to become known, by a few select, discerning readers, as the fancy grocery story just down the street from the breakfast cafe that sells the adventures of Owen McKenna and his Great Dane Spot.)

It has been reported that the South Lake Tahoe Whole Foods will be one of the "365" store versions, whatever that means.

As for opening date? I haven't heard. But the fence is up around that block, and there is heavy equipment inside the fence doing heavy equipment work. It takes a long time to build such a store. But the time will pass.

South Lake Tahoe has long held the distinction of being the only community in Tahoe that has substantial grocery store choices with two Raleys, two Safeways, one Grass Roots Natural Foods, one Liras, one Overland Meats, and other smaller venues.

I'm sure they are all looking over their shoulders.

As for consumers, more choice is usually good, right?


  1. But will they sell those tomatoes and peppers from 'Tahoe Trap'?

    1. Yeah, wouldn't it be fun if someone took Paco's Field To Fridge business and made it a reality!