Sunday, May 7, 2017

In Tahoe, May Is A Winter Month

Yes, we've had some nice spring weather in the last couple of weeks. But we don't let that fool us.

Six times in the past, I've done outdoor shows in Tahoe on Memorial Day. Five of those times it snowed. Once, it was a lot of snow.

So today, Saturday, May 6th, was no surprise when the snow came in fast and furious. I'm not kidding when I say that the flakes conglomerated into golf ball-sized artillery. It didn't hurt when they struck. But they covered me in white in the time it took to run from the car into the grocery store.

Don't get me wrong. We'll take this record snow that has filled up the lake and inundated our soil. Our road has developed a gushing spring. A hole opened up in the middle of the asphalt and water flows 24-7. Nearby roads have turned into continuous small creeks. Squaw Valley and Mt. Rose ski areas have recorded season totals over 60 feet. At our house, our season total was, perhaps, only 40 feet. We still have 8 feet on the north side of the house. My full-time job of snow removal is over. But I won't soon forget what it's like.
Shoveling into our house back in 2011 and again this year.

Here's to the coming summer!


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  2. Cant wait to see the lake at a high level again!! My girls are so excited for a few weeks up there!
    Any teasers on the new book???????????

    1. You're going to love the high water and rushing creeks! And the mountains will be white with snow until fall.

      As for the new book, it is called TAHOE PAYBACK. I'm due to get an image of the cover soonish, and when that happens, I'll do a "Sneak Preview" blog about it.
      Thanks for the interest!