Sunday, March 5, 2017

California Drought?

Four or five years in the making.
One year in the unmaking.
Was it random chaos? Were the weather gods just testing us? Or is this the new weather gyrations of climate change?
Whatever, Californians are tired of shoveling and tired of jumping into kayaks when the town floods. But, all things considered, we'll take it.

The drought map one year ago...

The drought map today...


  1. Us Bay Area folks who don't get up there during the winter would love to see some beach pics to see how high the water is!!! If you have the time:)

    Baker girls

    1. Hey Baker Girls, Thanks for writing. I've been too busy shoveling to take pictures of the water level. But when I did a signing at the new bookstore in Truckee (Word After Word), I drove by Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City. Water was gushing out of the dam. That was a nice sight to see! So be ready for a great time at the lake this summer!

    2. Thanks Todd!! We're ready for summer!!! Cant wait to hear about the new book:)