Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vegetable Gardening In Tahoe - Ha! It's Going To Freeze Tonight!

I've written about this before...

One year, I decided to try growing some veggies. It turned out that the last freeze of "spring" was in late June. And the first freeze of "fall" was in early August.

Less than six weeks of growing season.

I was thinking about that today, July 10th, when I looked at the National Weather Service website. It is supposed to freeze in Tahoe tonight. I guess that puts an exclamation point on Tahoe's growing season!

Here's the full screen shot:

Here's the closeup of today and tonight: (Remember, this is JULY 10th !)

Bottom line is that we should really enjoy our farmer's markets and supermarket produce sections, because we ain't gonna grow no veggies to speak of!

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