Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Flurry... No, A Storm Of Good Weather News

As we face another series of storms lined up out in the Pacific, it's interesting to note where we're at as we approach the half-way point in our winter season. One of the best ways to get a basin-wide picture is to look at what the ski areas have received at various locations around the lake.

Of course, ski resorts may spin how they present their snow totals, but I can say from personal experience that their reported figures seem pretty accurate. For example, during the last few years, they were quite frank about the lack of snow.

Here's a list of the "year to date" total snowfall as of Jan 16, 2016 for various ski areas. The total snowfall can vary significantly at different points in a given resort, so I'm just reporting the highest figure. You can assume that some locations at a given resort will have had less snow.

Sugar Bowl  281 inches

Boreal  243 inches

Squaw Valley  237 inches

Alpine Meadows  231 inches

Northstar  246 inches

Mt. Rose  210 inches

Diamond Peak  163 inches

Heavenly  201 inches

Sierra At Tahoe  241 inches

Kirkwood  243 inches

(You will notice I've left out Homewood, Donner Ski Ranch, Tahoe Donner. This is only because I couldn't find year-to-date totals for those areas)

Bottom line? We had a lot of snow so far - 20 feet in several places! - significantly above average for this time of the season. Thank El Nino or good luck or those pagan snow dances some people have been performing.

And more storms are on the way. As I write this a few hours before it posts, it is snowing again, and the National Weather Service shows a significant chance of snow for the next few days. Not bad, eh?

Come on up the mountains to play in the snow!


  1. Wahoooo!! Coming up in Feb! Snow snow snow!!

  2. You will love it! An old-fashioned Tahoe winter. As I write this on Monday, we're having another winter storm dropping lots of snow on the Sierra crest, but the snow level is around 7000 feet so we're getting rainy slush at our house at 6450 feet. A relief after weeks of shoveling! Yet the ski areas are getting snow. Perfect!