Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is This The Coolest School In Tahoe?

As kids get ready to head back to school, parents sometimes wonder if there is a better way to get them motivated, interested, or even - dare I say it? - excited about school.

Located in Kings Beach on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe is a school that I guarantee will do all of the above for your kids.

It's called the Tahoe Expedition Academy, and it's open to kids from preK through high school. TEA features all the best of many good schools, but it adds a fantastic range of experiential learning, especially through outdoor activities. 

TEA has small student-to-teacher ratios, and it gives those students many ways to learn through "doing." There isn't anything inherently wrong with sitting in a classroom listening and watching. But when your kid participates in fun activities that are designed to be instructional and not just playtime, their interest soars.

TEA addresses all aspects of your kid's learning experience, even including good nutrition. 

It isn't cheap, around $13,000 for annual tuition. This is always a major barrier for many kids who might benefit from a private school, especially one in a spectacular environment. However, TEA does have some scholarship money available. 

(I encourage parents without much financial means to think creatively regarding raising money for tuition. You may be able to get a low-cost loan. Better yet, you may be able to put together a fundraising presentation and approach potential donors. For example, I know people who would consider funding the education for a relative's child or a friend's child if only the family demonstrated the child's need, ambition, hunger for education etc. and combined it with obvious frugal habits. Few things dampen a potential patron's generosity like seeing the people asking for help eat out in restaurants, drive new cars, buy fancy clothes and spend money in non-frugal ways. In fact, simply foregoing these kinds of unnecessary expenditures might save more than enough to pay the tuition.)

Like any great experience, it requires some planning. The application deadline is May 1st for attendance the following fall. If you'd like to consider the Tahoe Expedition Academy for your child next year, you have eight months to make plans before you have to apply. (Although you may want to apply early.)

Click through to the TEA website and spend some time exploring.

Here is their TEA FAQ page.


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