Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Tahoe Ethos

Tahoe is about calm and lack of stress. We slow down when driving, give bicyclers wide berth, and we don’t honk except in emergency. Please leave your rush-rush city driving habits back home. When you tailgate, you transfer your stress to everyone else on the road. If it takes you another couple of minutes to get to your destination, consider it an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.
Nothing better than ultimate calm for a Tahoe experience.
Photo Kim Small, Fine Art America

Tahoe is about healthy life-styles and respect for the environment. We don’t smoke in the forest (and when forest fire danger is high, it is illegal). Actually, we mostly don’t smoke at all. You’ll find a lower percentage of Tahoe locals who smoke than nearly anywhere. We don’t throw out anything that can be recycled. When we throw out something hazardous (batteries, electronics, etc.) we make a special trip to the hazardous waste facility. We don’t pour out any hazardous liquids like solvents or paint or used motor oil or old gasoline. And we regard people who dump any liquid more dangerous than water on the ground to be committing a grave sin. Whenever and wherever we go, we carry a bag or pack into which we can stick any litter we find and haul it out of the forest or off the beach.
PaddleBoarding is a wonderful way to enjoy the lake.
Photo Phyllis Watson

Tahoe is about quiet and enjoyment of nature. Please don’t feel like you need to “share” your music preferences with the entire neighborhood or show the whole world just how loud your motorboat or motorcycle can be. Nearly all Tahoe lovers would rather listen to the birds.
Nothing like quiet to connect with Mama Nature
Photo Nice Cool Pics Quiet Getaways

Tahoe is all about exercise. Whenever possible, we walk or bike instead of drive. Why drive to the beach, when you can bike or ride? Most lodgings in Tahoe are just a few blocks from the beach. A picnic carried in a backpack is more rewarding than one carried in the pickup. If you’re looking for something fun to do, take a tip from locals. We go on hikes or bike rides. When we’re not up on the mountain skiing, we snowshoe or cross-country ski out our door. There are hundreds of trails to choose from, and there are many books and internet resources to guide you. Gambling may be fun, but you can do that anywhere. It goes without saying that you will enjoy your vacation more, and feel better about it when you get home, if you get some exercise.
Get out and move. Your brain and body and friends and family will all thank you.
Photo Adventure Sports Journal


  1. I have a question for ya. We have been renting in the Tahoe Keys for
    13 years every summer. My husband hates the fact that there is no recycling program and everything just goes in the garbage can. Is the garbage taken apart somewhere and recycled by hand???


    1. Yes, the South Shore has a "Blue Bag" recycling program. Look for a large plastic blue recycling bag at your rental, put recycles in it and set it out for the regular garbage pickup. If you can't find a bag, call the South Tahoe Refuse at 530-541-5105. You can probably pick one or three up at their facility at 2140 Ruth Street. If you can't get a blue bag, don't worry, the refuse company hand-sorts all recycles if you just put them in the trash.
      Thanks for your concern!