Sunday, February 9, 2014

Now We're Talking Precipitation!

Just when we get bent out of shape about a drought, here comes the "Atmospheric River of Moisture!" As I write this, they are predicting Tahoe's storm total of 3-4 feet of white stuff at higher elevations.
Bring it on!
Check out the areas of yellow and red to the west of Tahoe.
That's some serious rainfall!

Here is the forecast for elevation 9100' at Heavenly as of Saturday.
We love to see those little boxes that say "Chance of Snow 100%!"


  1. We're getting drenched down here in Marin!!!

    1. Yeah, I saw something about an insane amount of rain up on Mount Tam. (Marin County's biggest mountain for those of you who aren't familiar with the Bay Area) I think they said that it had gotten 20-some inches during the storm! Whew!