Sunday, January 5, 2014

Size Doesn't Matter

I've written before about how a mountain lion looking at a house cat only sees lunch. But a large dog looking at a tiny dog only sees a pal.
We were in The City a week ago, walking along Post near Union Square, when we saw two puppies playing inside a hair salon.

Chorgi about to leap on a Great Dane's head
Turns out they were both 4 months old. One was a Great Dane, maybe 65 pounds already. The other was a Chorgi, a Chihuahua-Corgi mix, maybe 2 pounds.
The Chorgi was up on a table, and the Dane stuck his head over the table's edge. The Chorgi jumped around on the Dane's head, nipped at the Dane's nose and ears, and acted as if he'd just discovered the best new ride at Disneyland. The Dane endured the assault, wagging the entire time.

It was a classic example of how dogs recognize their brothers, and it was great entertainment to watch.


  1. Nice! I've often enjoyed watching this aspect of dog behavior - they all recognize each other as dogs (and expect to be taken for dogs by other dogs, and behave like dogs) no matter the relative size. I do enjoy how you describe Spot and show how dogs - and people - respond to him. So many great characters in your series, including Spot and Tahoe!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah, watching dogs play is always fun and often educational. It looks like they're just running around, but there's a lot of communication going on there.