Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Problem With Great Danes At Talks

When I do events, people always ask me if I have a “real” Spot and if so, why don't I bring him to my talks?
I tell them that we've had three Great Danes, but we're currently dogless. My schedule would make life unfair for a Dane. I couldn't bring the dog along, either. One could put a tiny dog into a “Spot Rocks” bag and carry it into the hotel. But not a Great Dane!
Well, I think you should have 'a Spot' and bring him to your talks,” people say.
It's a fun idea, but the truth is that if I brought a Great Dane to any event I did, no one would pay any attention to me! Everyone would be gaga over the dog, petting and hugging him.
Would my readers prefer to spend time with Spot rather than listen to what I have to say?
Of course!
Which means that any future Spot will stay home for the foreseeable future.

"Was that the microwave beeping? I like my Danishes nice and warm."

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