Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tucson Festival Of Books

I was one of the authors exhibiting at The Tucson Festival of Books, held on the University of Arizona campus. 

It was a great time, and I met a lot of mystery readers. And who wouldn't want to visit warm, sunny Tucson in March? Saturday was cloudy and rainy and windy, but hey, the temperature got all the way up to 47 degrees. Locals called it "a severe weather event." But the sun came out on Sunday, and the thermometer practically broke as it punched through to 56.

At night in the hotel, I was able to get some writing time in on my laptop.

My artist wife got some drawing in as well. Here is her sketch of me working on my laptop as I ruminate on the next adventures of Owen and Spot.


  1. When you combine Kit in with your blog, you make everyone happy. It looks like Tucson was a success (I think we had better weather in Tahoe, however). I eagerly await your presentation in July Todd. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks, Denise! I put another of Kit's sketches in my March 14th blog. Glad you like them. And yes, Tahoe had better weather than Tucson!