Sunday, December 30, 2012

When Is The Best Skiing In Tahoe?

In the six days starting Friday, December 21st, we got hammered with 5 feet of snow at our house. There was much more on the Sierra crest. All this fresh snow fell on an already decent base.
The resorts are 100% open. Because the weather is relatively cold, the snow conditions are are some kind of wonderful.
The sun came out, the wind died down.
Tahoe locals are all outside, be it up on the mountain or heading across the meadows.
Where are you?
Time to grab your gear and get up the mountain to join us.
See you on the snow...
I know it looks like I'm playing hooky from writing, but I'm really working.
Really. You don't believe me? Just ask any writer when they're goofing off.
I mean, when they're doing outdoor research. They'll tell you. It's hard work.


  1. I should have booked Tahoe for Christmas vacation instead of Disneyworld.

    1. Not to worry... Disney World is fun, too. And we have three months left of great snow play!