Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Author's Best Friend is Radio

This week I drove down to Sacramento for an interview on CapRadio's Insight program. (CapRadio, for those of you who don't have a radio, is the awesome NPR affiliate that by some measures is the biggest non-Bay Area radio station in Northern California, bigger, even, than the commercial stations.) 
The Insight program used to be hosted by the impressive Jeffrey Callison, and when he left, he left a hole in radio that many listeners thought would be impossible to fill.
But to the delight of CapRadio's listeners, the radio station found an amazing new host named Beth Ruyak. Smart, charming, smooth, and warm, Ruyak has convinced listeners that she is their new source for all essential information about Northern California. Note that my books are not essential information! But they are fun, and my interview was fun, too.

I've been interviewed many times including several times on past Insight shows. I'm comfortable with radio interviews. And I knew that with her past experiences on shows like Good Morning America, Beth would be a real pro. But being in the studio with her was unlike any of my previous interview experiences. She was more creative and more fun than other interviewers.
Some interviewers like to challenge their interviewees. Some interviewers like making their interview subjects nervous. Beth knows that making an interviewee comfortable and relaxed will produce the most interesting interview. If you are relaxed, you will reveal your thoughts. If you are uptight and tense, you will guard your thoughts.
Comfort is no small thing. Several times in the past, I've been in the waiting room at radio and TV stations and talked to other interviewees who were sweating and scared. As I think back on those people, I wish they could have interviewed with Beth. They would have thought it was the easiest thing in the world.
One more shout-out goes to Jen Picard, the producer of Insight. Like producers everywhere, she is the force that shapes Insight as well as the glue that holds the show together. The credit for that seamless, entertaining, and educational listening experience goes to Jen along with Midori Yoshimura, Mark Jones and several others at CapRadio. They all do a great job.

Here is the link to my interview. It was the most fun I've had behind a radio mic. Enjoy!
Insight Interview with Todd Borg
(Be sure your sound is turned up.)


  1. I heard your interview! It was the first I'd heard of you and your books. Wow - it was wonderful! you were great. I loved the reading and have bought the book for my new Kindle.

    I see you do a lot of book groups - would you be willing to do a reading/talk at a church? We're local ... here in downtown Reno and I'm thinking about something in July for Reno's Artown.
    More on that later.
    - Rev. Stefani Schatz (Trinity Reno)

    1. Hi Rev. Schatz, Sorry for the delayed response. My schedule is finally loosening up. Glad you enjoyed the interview! I'm happy to come to your church. July is a busy month, but please email me, and we'll find a time we can put on the calendar. Thanks for your interest! Todd