Sunday, April 29, 2012

Owen and Spot are Going to Paris!

Last winter I got an interesting email from an editor at a publisher in France. She expressed interest in the French translation rights to my most recent novel, Tahoe Hijack. I'd already had a British inquiry on Tahoe Hijack a month before that, but that publisher turned out to be one that didn't pay advances and promised only royalties. In this business, you can roughly measure the seriousness of a publisher by the advance. I declined the English invitation.
But this new inquiry from the Paris publisher sounded more legitimate. Unfortunately, I was slammed with exhibiting at festivals and such, and I didn't respond right away. Soon, I got another email from the publisher, this time from the owner. (It is a mid-sized publisher, which often means that your book will get more attention than in a big house.) So I wrote and put them in touch with my agent.
Two weeks later, my agent and the French publisher closed the deal, and the French version of Tahoe Hijack is due to be published in 2012. It will be called:
     I'm very excited. I don't speak any French beyond merci beaucoup, but holding a French Tahoe Hijack in my hands will be enough to motivate much learning!
     I'll let you know when the book is out. And I'll try to find out how American Francophiles can get a copy.

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